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Project Description

China April 2016

Yunnan is a province in southwestern China with a varied landscape encompassing snow-capped mountains, rice terraces, lakes and deep gorges. The region is known for its large number of ethnic minorities. Modern Kunming, known as the “Spring City,” has many museums and temples, To the southeast, Shilin Stone Forest contains limestone karst peaks formed 270 million years ago.

Guilin and Yunnan Route

In April 2016 we decided to explore Yunnan region and Guilin, for its spectacular scenery’s and the outstanding nature and food
DAY 1| 15th of April 2016: we flew with Aeroflot through Shanghai to Guilin, we stayed at the Golden Oriole Hotel, and had one of the most hotest dinner we ever had

DAY 2| 16th of April 2016:This morning we went with a private Guide to explore the Longshen rice terrace, we passed by the Pingwan Village & Huangluo YaoLong hair Village, we had an exellent lunch in the local Village, late afternoon we drove all the way to Yangshuo, where we spent the night at Yangshuo Mountain Nest Hotel

DAY 3| 17th of April 2016: After Breakfast, having a fogy morning we headed to the Li river to Explore on a small cruise boat the amazing Mountains shapes of Guilin, we were caught in a storm which we had to embark the boat and wait till the weather gets Better, after we went on a hike to Xiangong Hill nd to the Moon Hill, it was very foggy and misty. after Dinner we went to watch The Liusanjie Shaw , but as we were caught again in a heavy rain we gave it up 🙂

DAY 4| 18th of April 2016: After Breakfast we headed to Our first Cooking Lesson in a restaurant in town, where we experienced to cook Eggplant with Garlic , Gong Bao, Egg Dumplings and veggie dish. after a small stroll in town we headed to the airport for our flight to Kunming, we arrived Late at night to the New Era hotel, with beautiful fancy rooms

DAY 5| 19th of April 2016: this Morning we started our Day North to the Stone Forest a two hours drive from city, after a nice walk in the amazing lime stones formation we wanted to see Dongchuan, the red Land which is 4 hours drive North, our goal was to see the Sunset on this beautiful Land, Dongchuan Red land is a dream for photographers, with an altitude of 2600 meters, located in Huashitou, in fact we arrived late, stayed in a very poor place close by so we might see next morning he Sunrise

DAY 6| 20th of April 2016: Today we woke up early to see the Sunrise on the Red land, it was disappointing, we might be out of season…we Drove all the way back to Kunming exploring nice scenery, stoping at the markets on the way, and just having fun.we spent another night at the era hotel.

DAY 7| 21th of April 2016: After breakfast we headed to our next destination, the town of Dali, fortunate enough our hotel was not located in the old town which on that day was loaded with people for a fest, we stayed in Yanyuan Zen Retreat

DAY 8| 22th of April 2016: Today we are Heading to Shaxi

Day 9-10| 23th of April 2016: We are in Ligiang

DAY 11| 25th of April 2016: Liming and the beautiful turtule Mountains

Day 12-13| 26th of April 2016: Shangrila

DAY 14| 28th of April 2016: After amazing time in Yunnan province, we are starting our way back home , not before a stop for 3 nights in Beijing, just to explore agin the markets we love, do some shopping and have modern Chineseexclusive  food