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Project Description

Madagascar 2012

Madagascar, beautiful place and Depressing at the same time: grassy plains that dominate the western landscape , patches of deciduous forest and Baobab trees, while the south is characterized by desert and Spiny forest,The terraced rice paddies in the central highlands and tropical rainforest along the eastern coast.Madagascar is the home of 7 spices of Lemurs .One can not avoid seeing the burning of native forest which is widespread, causing massive erosion.Poverty can be seen all over the country.

Madagascar Route

Madagascar we spent one day in JBG South Africa. we took the opertunity and drove to Pretoria where we visited KOTIE at his Kambro Nursury, we had great visit and we saw many beautiful plants, than we drove to Pretoria Botanical gardens to see the Cole Lithops collection.
DAY 1|
 23rd of October 2012: Tana: Welcoming at the international airport of Tana, meet and greet then, transfer to Sakamanga hotel

DAY 2| 24th of October 2012: drive to Andasibe located 130 Km east of Tana. Visit of Peyreras Reptile reserve to see the different type of Chameleons and other reptiles. Arrival in Andasibe.We have done a Night walk which can be skipped.
Feonny Ala hotel (facing the NP of Andasibe)

DAY 3| 25th of October 2012: Andasibe NP: Today, we explored the NP of Andasibe to see and experience the unique loudly songs of the rare indri indri. We visited the private reserve of Vakoana in the afternoon where we saw lemurs very close. Over night at the same hotel.

DAY 4| 26th of October 2012: Andasibe to Antsirabe: After our stay in Andasibe,on the way  we saw the different highland sceneries characterized with the rice fields in terraces, red brick traditional houses . We arrived in Antsirabe late in the afternoon. Night at: Residence Camelia

DAY 5| 27th of October 2012: Antsirabe to Ambatofinandrahana: After our stay in Antsirabe, we head to Ambatofinandrahana. Overnight in the Guest house of Mama Noro very Basic, no showers and toilets in room, but excellent hospitality and home made food.

DAY 6| 28th of October 2012 We drove 45 km. of very difficult road,which  took us 5 hours to get to the Itermo area where we   explored and saw the beautiful Pachipodium Densiflorum and Pachipodium Brevicale in flower. Overnight we stayed  at the same hotel

DAY 7| 29th of October 2012: Today we headed to a lush evergreen rainforest of Ranomafana. On the way we stopped at Ambositra ,this place is known as the capital of woodcarving, if you wish to buy some souvaneers avoid the shop of is better to buy the wood carving from the women on the street..Arrival in Ranomafana in the afternoon. Overnight at: Cristo lodge which was far, we recommend Steam Lodge which is closer to the park.

DAY 8| 30th of October 2012: Visit of the NP of Ranomafana to explore this rainforest and try to find the maximum species of Lemurs. from there we continued to Fianarantsoa and stayed over night at the Zomotel hotel.we had a nice walk to the old town.

Day 9| 31st of October 2012:Ranomafana to Ranohira (lsalo): After breakfast, we continue driving along the N7. We stopped at ANJA private reserve to spot the 1st ring tailed Lamur, On the way we visited the Wednesday Zebu Market at Ambovlavo,and stooped at the area of Ihosy to see Pachipodium Euphorbia and other Sacculants, than continued till Ranohira. we stayed for the night at Isalo Ranch.

DAY 10| 1st of November 2012: Isalo NP. Today, we explored the NP of Isalo. The guide was great ( Roxy) knew a lot about plants and the story and the formation of lsalo NP. We saw endemic plants, birds, we skipped the natural swimming pool, waterfall as for rainy day but enjoyed the stunning unique landscape of Isalo. Overnightat Le Relais De La Reine hotel, very nice place to stay, nice hospitality and very good food.

Day 11| 2nd of November 2012: Ranohira to Tulear: We drove on the RN7, and stopped at Ikalaka village, known as the Saphire area, to see and buy Jem stones and watch how the local people are searching for the precious stones at the river. we continued to the arborium , just before Tulear, and setteled overnight at Victory Hotel.

DAY 12| 3rd of November 2012: Drove to Ifaty to visit the Renala reserve where we saw many types of baobabs, and trees. Very uncomfortable drive. It was very very hot and dry, not much birds were seen. Overnight at the same hotel.

DAY 13| 4th of November 2012: Another day in Tulear. we drove South to San Augustin to search for more plants, we saw many interesting plants and nice view of the sea.Overnight at the same hotel.

DAY 14| 5th of November 2012:Transfer to the airport of Tulear following our flight schedule. Overnight at  Chez Meggie hotel. Was lousy, the service at the resturant of the hotel was bad, and so was the food.

DAY 15| 6th of November 2012: Drive from Morondava to Bekopaka, a very rough 200 km dirt road.on the way we stopped at Belo for lunch, continuation of the tour till Bekopaka. Overnight at Vazimba hotel. Passing en route the Avenue of Baobab (first time…)

DAY 16| 7th of November 2012: Visit of the big Tsingy located 17 Km away from our hotel. Overnight at the same hotel.

DAY 17| 8th of November 2012  Visit of the small Tsingy in the morning; drive back to Belo after lunch. Overnight Karibo hotel. 

DAY 18| 9th of November 2012: After breakfast; we crossed the ferry of Belo; drive to Kirindy forest to visit this private reserve of both flora and fauna. After Kirindy, we drove to Morondava, Overnight in Morondava at Pallisander hotel a Spa resort, to relax after tough drives we had “.5 +  stars place”

DAY 19| 10th November 2012 we relaxed at the Resort and drove at sunset to the Baobab Avenue to take some Beautiful Pictures.

Day 20| 11th November 2012 our flight to Tana was cncelled , so we had one more day at the resort.

Day 21| 12th November 2012 flight to Tana- JBG- TLV

1. It is best to stay at the upper class hotels, as the differance in price is very small, but the hotels and rooms are much nicer.
2. If one knows what they would like to see in Madagascar it is recomended to reserve a car and a driver, with out guide as in each reserve you have an exeallant local guide.
3. See that you get a good 4X4 car.
4. We used  gassitours and where very unhappy, strongly recomend to use a different company