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Project Description

South Africa 2018, Little Karoo

Plant diversity in the Klein Karoo is some of the highest in the world. Mesozoic marine sediments, granite, and occasional igneous rocks provide the basis for a wide range of soil types. The topography consists of an expansive texture of mountains, valleys, rolling hills, rocky mesas, flat plains, and a maze of small drainage systems. Added to this is the convergence of the hot, dry continental desert climate to the north, and the cool, moist oceanic climate to the south, creating a high degree of seasonal variability and many local microclimates.

Klein Karoo Route

The main goal of our trip this time, was to search the various Haworthia, we benefit of many more kinds, we started are Journey in TLV, taking ET TLV-ADD-CPT, the plan was to take a flight from CPT to George, insted we rented a car and drove all the way, arriving George at 19:30, where we met our guide, from there we continued to our Lodge in De Rust, “Oliver Rust”.

DAY 1| 25.04.18 (524 km) After a nice breakfast we started our way driving through the Swrtberg reserve, direction Beaufort West on the N12, just North of town we spotted Euphorbia Stellispina, Haw aff Viridis, Gasteria Vlokii,Rabusta, Astroloba. getting of the hill in what seems a junk yard in town we spotted somemore Euphorbia and crasulla. We continued West direction Prince Albert, there we saw Aloe longistyla and clusters of Pleiospilos in Flower.

DAY 2|( 560 km)  After a good Israeli breakfast, we headed on N 9 or 341 direction Willowmore

from there we turned to the direction of Steytlerville, on the way we stopped at a hill and could easily see Pachypodium succulentum and few other Mesembs.

We continued till we Turned to 337,  further on we stoped on the west side and saw a huge clusters of Lithops localis and Glottiphyllum a bit further on there was a huge forest of giant Alloe

Continuing direction Klipplaat, we turned left to Aberdeen and just a bit after the sign we stoped to see Haworthia, Euphorbia, Pachypodium, Sarcocaulon.

We returned back to the town and drove on through R337 and  turned direction Graaff-Reinet and under a tree out side of town we saw another kind of Haworthia (desepiance), immediately after we turned right into a dirt road than oh a hill over looking the valley we saw Haworthia Odetti, than we turned  all the way back to town and drove direction R 75 Jansenville, till Steytlerville where we saw more lithops localis in flower, and back to De Rust

 It was a Very windy day but nice temperature and very  sunny

DAY 3|(350 km) after breakfast we headed towards Willamore and than Continuing Direction  Uniondale

on the way we turned to Rooiloop into a dirt road east and after the rail way pass we stopped and saw lots of telicodones, Haworthias.. than after we turned back to the main road, passed the turn to Uniondale and continued for about 10 k turning East to Warmbed we spotted Haworthia comptoniana 

When reaching town we took the dirt road behind the cemetery where we saw a lots of plants.

We turned toward Humansdorp and than took the road to Avontuur  (339). direction knysna a beautiful cynic drive, on the way we saw green transparent Haworthia Cooperi. At the e junction sign knysna, we turned right to a dirt road where plenty of haworthia are hanging on the cliff. We continued all the way up ending in the R62 and N9  and took the direction Oudtshoorn, than we turned right to Buffelsdrif direction just till we saw the rocks on the left Hand side, there were different kind of Haworthia. We turned back to the main road till Herold where we turned left untillwe reached a pine forest, in the forest we found many Haw, Alloes and many succulents. (although all was burned by the fire).

 We turned back on the main road looking for more which probably were dug out unfortunately. continuing on the main road just before the sign of the Ostrich show farm we stopped and on the east side next to the fence we saw a bunch of Haworthia. Good night for a long long day


DAY 4 |( 375km) This morning started with a bit of a rain, Our plan was to  explore the area of Ladismith, from De Rust we drove direction Oudtshoorn,  taking the path to Surval in the beginning we saw Haw.  Than we head the R62 to Calizdorp we continued through town and turn right to Maajersvely to see some gasterias and discorea and than continued back on the road direction Ladismith direction Montague just after the turn we took right in to a dirt road to see Haworthia lenata. We turned back continuing  direction Lainsburg turning left in to Buffeldsdrif we new there were euphorbias that deaspeared but we mannaged to see green haworthia, gasteria, telicodon, glatuphilum and conos

Back to the main road and further on we saw H viskoza, We continued are way and  turning again r 62 (plantinue)….. saw some more Haworthia viscose

Had a coffee break  and turned back, on the way we saw some quartz fields full with  gibeum we continued through Ladismith back to Oudtshoorn

DAY 5 |( 375km) After fair well, good bye, and a good breakfast we hit the road towards Oudtshoorn

Turning to Dyseelsdorp  and than left to a dirt road to observe Haw Truncata first we took right before the silo and than From the old ruins buildings left and than left again .

we continued driving towards (R328) Mossell bay. Than after we turned into  Brandwag and than to Nyrau game dirt road to see red Haw Truncata.

driving  to R102 direction  Groot Brak river and on N2 to cape town on the first gas station we stopped and enter a green loan full with H pigmea. we went of the exit Riversdale but immediately to the left we stopped by the he factory to see Haw ritusa. Driving on  direction  R 32 and Voorbaat  near the trees  were on the hill we saw Haw retusa . We took our rented car in George and drove back to Oudtshoroon to stay at the Surval, where i was invited, beautiful place

DAY 6 |Today the plan is reaching Montague , where we supposed to stay with our friends. We drove the R 62, on the way we stoped at Ladismith  to see once again the Haworthia, we continued all the way Barrydale to search for new Haw. opposite  the gas station on the main street… we drove for a short while in Tradouw pass and continued all the way to Montague

The rest 3 days we relaxed in Cape town till our journey back home