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Project Description

Tanzania March 2017

Tanzania, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, is one of the most beautiful and diverse in Africa, breathtaking landscapes, volcanic peaks, hidden lakes, beautiful nature reserves, one of the most beautiful and exciting nature reserves in the world.  A huge variety of animals, such as herds of sheep, lions and lionesses, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, crocodiles and more!  A virginal and authentic nature in vast green expanses, in clean air to familiar natural sounds and fascinating tribes.

Tanzania Route

DAY 1|
 6th  of March 2017:

DAY 2| 7th of March 2017: 

DAY 3| 8th of March 2017:

DAY 4| 9th of March 2017: 

DAY 5| 10th of March 2017:

DAY 6| 11th of March 2017:

DAY 7| 12th of March 2017:

DAY 8| 13th of March 2017:

Day 9| 14th of March 2017:

DAY 10| 15th of March 2017:

1. We were staying in beautiful Lodges, all situated exellant
2. During March we had great weather, no rain and we saw a lot of cubs