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Project Description

Tenerife 2008

Tenerife is the largest Island of the 5 islands forming the Canary Chain situated off the coast of North Africa.
Singular and magnificent strains of Cacti grow on the island and the famous Dracaenaceae, Dracaena draco which is one of the phenomena’s that can be seen there. Various Succulents and mini palm trees are further part of the flora.
In January we visited the island, the climate at that time of the year is pleasant (15-25 degrees) we spent a week viewing the wondrous natural sights and the volcanic nature of the island.

Tenerife Route

We stayed at a small and far removed local inn on a mountain slope, called I Cod El Alte Rural Hotel, in retrospect it would have been wiser to stay closer to a main road.
DAY 1| We traveled to the North West of the island in the direction of Code De Los Vinos, where the phenomenal tree known as the Dragon Tree grows. From there we continued in the NW direction along the whole coast line where there are numerous walking trails, it is possible to retrace your steps. WE reached Punta de Teno through the forest of Buena Vista and Garachico.
DAY  2| We toured the whole day in the Park National del Teide, where the well known highest all year round snow capped volcano is situated. The road going up  twists and turns through Canary fir trees. At the altitude of 2, 500 meters the area became suddenly flat and volcanic, with lava rocks with huge fantastic formations and natural shapes of beautiful proportions. We took a number of walks in the area (Los Roques de Garcia) and climbed to the tip of the mountain at a level of 3,500 meters where it was bitterly cold.
DAY 3| We did not miss a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Puerta de la Crus and rode along the coast in the direction of El Sauzel till Las Agus.
DAY 4 | We drove to the TENO reserve through MASACA on a twisting road, along the road we could see Euphorbia and some species of Aeonium and a most astounding and beautiful waterfall in the city of ADEJO.
DAY 5 | This day we travelled in the direction of the fishing village Benijo, on winding and twisting roads when we finally reached a pastoral fishing village with delicious eateries along the beach.
It is to be noted that all the roads are winding and very narrow, and if traveling in normal sedans one needs to be very careful. Every 200 meters there are spots arranged with scenic views providing excellent scenic sights.