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About Via Cactus

It all began 25 years ago with the purchase of a small cacti, a purchase to seal Martin’s fate as a Cacti enthusiast , leading him to become an aficionado of the various types and species of the plant, constantly broadening his collection with new samples.

The beautiful and unique collection has been growing ever since, with different plants being added during leisure or business trips across the globe.  The age of the Internet has allowed him to acquire deeper knowledge of the subject, which helps the collection flourish and grow.

The now huge collection is tended with much love, care and work. He focuses his attention on the development of new varieties, with special attention given to Astrophytum and Lithops, resulting in a multitude of plants and seedlings grown for their beauty and the pleasure of the collector.

During Martin and Ilana’s frequent travels they have tracked down many interesting plants which can only be found in their natural surroundings.  Martin and Ilana’s journeys have brought them many beautiful experiences, and it is these experiences, along with the knowledge and love of Cacti, which they would like to share with fellow Cacti lovers.  This is accompanied by the various photos taken along their journeys, which they hope you will find enjoyable.