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Project Description

North Argentina and Chile , March 2011

Starting from Central Argentina, and heading towards the highest pass of the Andes: The San Francisco Pass, at 4350 meters.
In Chile, we saw most of the Copiapoa species, with spectacular populations and beautiful sceneries along the ocean.
Some of the plants we explored:
Gymnocalycium mostii, Gymnocalycium saglionis, Gymnocalycium monvillei, Parodia submamulossa, Cleistocactus baumanii, Acanthocalycium spiniflorum, Stetsonia coryne, Trichocereus candicans, Echinopsis Cleistocactus hyalacanthusTephrocactus, Tephrocactus, Opuntia, Pterocactus, Lobivia
Copiapoa cinerea var. dealbata Copiapoa cinerea, Copiapoa haseltoniana Copiapoa cinerea var gigantea, Copiapoa solaris, Copiapoa atacamensis,Copiapoa cinerea columna-alba
and many more.


Day 1| from cordoba Air Port we started our Jurney Towards the city Capilia Del Monte on road #  on the way we saw:
we stayed at the hotel Sire Luna, a nice quite hotel